100+ Height and Distance Problems with Solutions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

From a point P on a level ground, the angle of elevation of the top of a tower is 30°. If the tower is 100 m high, the distance of point P from the foot of the tower is

(A) 129 m

(B) 149 m

(C) 156 m

(D) 173 m

Ans: D

Question: 2

The angle of depression of a point situated at a distance of 70 m from the base of a tower is 60°. The height of the tower is

(A) 70√3 m

(B) 70 m

(C) 80 m

(D) 90 m

Ans: A

Question: 3

An observer 1.6 m tall is 20√3 m away from a tower. The angle of elevation from his eye to the top of the tower is 30°. The height of the tower is

(A) 21.6 m

(B) 23.2 m

(C) 24.72 m

(D) 27.72 m

Ans: A

Question: 4

A boy is standing at the top of the tower and another boy is at the ground at some distance from the foot of the tower, then the angle of elevation and depression between the boys when both look at each other will be

(A) Angle of elevation will be greater

(B) Angle of depression will be greater

(C) Equal

(D) Cannot be predicted for relation

Ans: C

Question: 5

The angle of elevation of a ladder learning against a wall is 60° and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is

(A) 2.3 m

(B) 7.8 m

(C) 9.2 m

(D) 10.2 m

Ans: C

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