Top 50+ Calendar Aptitude Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The day on 5th March of a year is the same day on what date of the same year?

(A) 5th August

(B) 5th October

(C) 5th November

(D) 5th December

Ans: C

Since any date in March is the same day of the week as the corresponding date in November of that year, so the same day falls on 5th November.

Question: 2

January 7, 1992 was Tuesday. Find the day of the week on the same date after 5 years, i.e., on January 7, 1997?

(A) Monday

(B) Tuesday

(C) Wednesday

(D) Friday

(E) Friday

Ans: B

During the interval we have two leap years as 1992 and 1996 and it contains February of both these years.

∴, The interval has (5 + 2) = 7 odd days or 0 odd day.

Hence, January 7, 1997 was also Tuesday.

Question: 3

My watch gains 5 minutes, in every hour. How many degrees the second hand moves in every minute?

(A) 375°

(B) 380°

(C) 385°

(D) 390°

Ans: D

Since minute hand gains 5 minutes in every 60 minutes.

Second hand gains 5 seconds in every 60 seconds

In every 60 seconds true time, it moves 65 seconds or 65 x 6° = 390°

Question: 4

What was the day of the week of 1st January 2001?

(A) Tuesday

(B) Wednesday

(C) Friday

(D) Sunday

Ans: D

2000 years have 0 odd days.

1st January, 2001 will be Sunday.

Question: 5

May 6, 1993 was Thursday. What day of the week was on May 6, 1992?

(A) Tuesday

(B) Wednesday

(C) Friday

(D) Saturday

Ans: A

1992 was a leap year, so it had 2 odd days.

So, the day on May 1993 is 2 days beyond the day on M1ay 6, 1992.

But, on May 6, 1993 it was Thursday.

So, on May 6, 1992 it was Tuesday.

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