100+ IBPS Reasoning Questions with Answers - 1

Question: 1

Letter : Word

(A) Product : Factory

(B) Page : Book

(C) Club : People

(D) Homework : School

Ans: B

First constitutes the second.

Question: 2

Cube : Cuboid

(A) Sphere : Ellipsoid

(B) Triangle : Cone

(C) Square : Cube

(D) Oval : Sphere

Ans: A

Second is the elongated form of the first.

Question: 3

Energy : Joule

(A) Resistance : Ohm

(B) Power : Ampere

(C) Ammeter : Current

(D) Axe : Grind

Ans: A

Joule is the unit of measuring energy.

Similarly, Ohm is the unit of measuring resistance.

Question: 4

Equator : Latitude

(A) Pigeon : Bird

(B) Fish : Water

(C) Needle : Direction

(D) Visitor : Guest

Ans: A

Second denotes the class to which the first belongs.

Question: 5

Canvas : Painter

(A) Hammer : Carpenter

(B) Marble : Sculptor

(C) Chisel : Wood

(D) Leather : Shoe

Ans: B

Second works in the first.

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