100+ Analogy Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

Rill : Stream : : Pony : ?

(A) Horse

(B) Donkey

(C) Mule

(D) Mare

Ans: A

Rill is a small stream and pony is a small horse.

Question: 2

Bank : Money : : Transport : ?

(A) Speed

(B) Traffic

(C) Road

(D) Goods

Ans: D

Transaction of second is done through the first.

Question: 3

Cells : Tissues : : Atoms : ?

(A) Electrons

(B) Organs

(C) Molecules

(D) Elements

Ans: C

Cells constitute tissues and atoms constitute molecules.

Question: 4

Court : Justice : : School : ?

(A) Education

(B) Ignorance

(C) Student

(D) Teacher

Ans: A

First is the place where the second is imparted.

Question: 5

Pulp : Paper : : Hemp : ?

(A) Cotton

(B) Yarn

(C) Basket

(D) Rope

Ans: D

Pulp is the basic raw material used in the production of paper. Similarly, hemp is used to make rope.

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