100+ Double Analogy Questions and Answers for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

In each of the following questions, two words indicated by I and II have been left out. The correct combination is given as one of the four alternatives A, B, C and D. Find the correct combination in each case.
I : Gardening : : Bat : II
I. (1) Spade (2) Gardener (3) Flowers (4) Grass
II. (A) Playing (B) Cricket (C) Ball (D) Sportsman

(A) 1B

(B) 2D

(C) 3C

(D) 4A

Ans: A

Second denotes the activity in which the first is used.

Question: 2

I : Pacifist : : Religion : II
I. (1) War (2) Atlantis (3) Object (4) Conscience
II. (A) Devout (B) Sacred (C) Atheist (D) Minister

(A) 1C

(B) 4A

(C) 4A

(D) 4C

Ans: A

Second is the name given to the one who condemns the first.

Question: 3

I : Canada : : Rangoon : II
I. (1) Detroit (2) Florida (3) Toronto (4) Alberta
II. (A) Indonesia (B) Burma (C) East Pakistan (D) Ceylon

(A) 2B

(B) 3A

(C) 3B

(D) 3C

Ans: C

Second denotes the country in which the city denoted by the first is located.

Question: 4

I : Short : : Treachery : II
I. (1) Dwarf (2) Tiny (3) Tall (4) Splendid
II. (A) Loyalty (B)Glory (C) Disgrace (D) Honour

(A) 1D

(B) 2C

(C) 3A

(D) 4B

Ans: C

The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

Question: 5

I : England : : Lira : II
I. (1) London (2) Pound (3) King (4) Colony
II. (A) Italy (B) Mexico (C) Mandolin (D) Money

(A) 1A

(B) 1B

(C) 1D

(D) 2A

Ans: D

First is the currency of the country denoted by the second.

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