100+ General Awareness Quiz with Answers - 1

Question: 1

In India, which of the following have the highest share in the disbursement of credit to agriculture and allied activities?

(A) Micro finance Institution

(B) Regional Rural Banks

(C) Co-operative Banks

(D) Commercial Banks

Ans: D

Commercial Banks

Question: 2

Who amongst the following appoints Banking Ombudsman in each State?

(A) The President of India

(B) The Reserve Bank of India

(C) Registrar of Companies

(D) Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of India

Ans: B

The Reserve Bank of India

Question: 3

Which of the following committees has given its recommendations on 'Financial Inclusion'?

(A) Kelkar committee

(B) Sinha Committee

(C) Rangrajan Committee

(D) Rakesh Mohan Committee

Ans: C

Rangrajan Committee

Question: 4

The Tarapore Committee was appointed by the RBI to examine the issue of

(A) Current Account convertibility of the rupee

(B) Capital Account Convertibility of the rupee

(C) Both a and b

(D) Trade Sector Reforms

Ans: B

Capital Account Convertibility of the rupee

Question: 5

The Banks are required to maintain a certain ratio between their cash in hand and total assets. This is called





Ans: A


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