1000+ General Knowledge for Bank Exams Question with Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which of the following rates/ratios is NOT covered under the Monetary and Credit Policy of RBI?

(A) Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies

(B) Cash Reserve Ratio

(C) Repo Rate

(D) Bank Rate

Ans: A

Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies

Question: 2

Narasimhan Committee is related to

(A) Nank Sector Reform

(B) Insurance Sector Reform

(C) Heavy Industry Development

(D) a and b are correct

Ans: A

Nank Sector Reform

Question: 3

Which bank was earlier called the Imperial Bank of India?





Ans: C


Question: 4

Many a time we hear about NPA in banking terminology. What is the full form of NPA?

(A) Negotiable and Preferential Asset

(B) New performing Avenues

(C) Non-Performing Assets

(D) Net Performing Average

Ans: C

Non-Performing Assets

Question: 5

As per RBI directives, which of the following functions cannot be outsourced by the Banks?

(A) Credit cards and debit cards

(B) Opening and closing of accounts

(C) Cash collections from the parties

(D) Recovery of bad loans

Ans: B

Opening and closing of accounts

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