1000+ List of Important Days and Events Current Affairs Mcqs - 1

Question: 1

When is World Day of Water, recognized by the UN observed?

(A) January 25

(B) March 22

(C) November 14

(D) December 18

Ans: B

March 22

Question: 2

February 12 is observed as

(A) World Vegetarian Day

(B) United Nations Day for South South Cooperation

(C) Darwin Day

(D) World Smile Day

Ans: C

Darwin Day

Question: 3

World Diabetes Day is observed on

(A) August 1

(B) August 4

(C) June 27

(D) June 29

Ans: C

June 27

Question: 4

When is World Population Day, recognized by the UN is observed?

(A) March 8

(B) July 11

(C) November 14

(D) December 11

Ans: B

July 11

Question: 5

When is World Wetlands Day observed?

(A) February 1

(B) February 2

(C) March 21

(D) October 9

Ans: B

February 2

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