100+ Online Verbal Reasoning Test for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

If pen is table, table is fan, fan is chair and chair is roof, on which of the following will a person sit?

(A) Roof

(B) Pen

(C) Fan

(D) Chair

Ans: A

A person will sit on the 'chair' but a 'chair' is called 'roof'. So, the person will sit on the 'roof'.

Question: 2

If man is called girl, girl is called woman, woman is called boy, boy is called butler and butler is called rogue, who will serve in a restaurant?

(A) Rogue

(B) Man

(C) Woman

(D) Girl

Ans: A

A 'butler' servants in a restaurant but 'butler' is called 'rogue'. So, a 'rogue' will serve in the restaurant.

Question: 3

If orange is called butter, butter is called soap, soap is called ink, ink is called honey and honey is called orange, which of the following is used for washing clothes?

(A) Orange

(B) Ink

(C) Honey

(D) Butter

Ans: B

Clearly, 'soap' is used for washing the clothes. But, 'soap' is called 'ink'. So, 'ink' is used for washing the clothes.

Question: 4

If banana is apple, apple is grapes, grapes is mango, mango is nuts, nuts is guava, which of the following is a yellow fruit?

(A) Apple

(B) Nuts

(C) Grapes

(D) Mango

Ans: B

Clearly, 'mango' is the yellow fruit but 'mango' is called 'nuts'. So, 'nuts' is the yellow fruit.

Question: 5

If rat is called dog, dog is called mongoose, mongoose is called lion, lion is called snake and snake is called elephant, which is reared as pet?

(A) Mongoose

(B) Elephant

(C) Lion

(D) Rat

Ans: A

Clearly 'dog' is reared as pet. But 'dog' is called 'mangoose'. So, a 'mangoose' is reared as pet.

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