1,000+ Numerical Reasoning Test with Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Bread is related to Wheat in the same way as Brick is related to

(A) Building

(B) Cement

(C) Clay

(D) Fire

Ans: C

Second is used to make the first.

Question: 2

Catalogue is related to Library Books in the same way as Index is related to

(A) Books

(B) Contents

(C) Chapters

(D) Preface

Ans: B

Catalogue is an arranged list to find the names of the library books. Similarly, index is an arranged list of contents.

Question: 3

Sulphur is to Vulcanisation as Chlorine is to

(A) Allotropy

(B) Bleaching

(C) Extraction

(D) Metallurgy

Ans: B

Sulphur is used for vulcanisation of rubber. Similarly, chlorine is used for bleaching.

Question: 4

Pride is related to Humility in the same way as Desire is related to

(A) Indifference

(B) Suppress

(C) Hate

(D) Wish

Ans: C

The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

Question: 5

Grains is related to Granary in the same way as Curious is related to

(A) Archives

(B) Library

(C) Museum

(D) Zoo

Ans: C

Grain is stored in a granary. Similarly, curious (rare things to be collected) are kept in a museum.

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