Top 1000+ Bank Exams Question Papers with Answers Pdf - 2

Question: 6

She became angry and began to shout at them.

(A) Finished

(B) Stopped

(C) Started

(D) Set

Ans: C


Question: 7

The school he goes to is near his house.

(A) About

(B) By

(C) Closed

(D) Not far from

Ans: D

Not far from

Question: 8

Mr. Jack was very happy as he had returned from his hometown.

(A) Had asked

(B) Had seen

(C) Had received

(D) Had come back

Ans: D

Had come back

Question: 9

I disdain those who tell lies.

(A) Hate

(B) Despise

(C) Scorn

(D) Condemn

Ans: A


Question: 10

Courtesy does not cost one anything.

(A) Amiability

(B) Urbanity

(C) Civility

(D) Gentility

Ans: C


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