Verbal Reasoning Analogy Online Test - 1

Question: 1

Love : Hatred

(A) Anger : Violence

(B) Education : Illiteracy

(C) Lazy : Idle

(D) Father : Son

Ans: B

Love dispels Hatred, Likewise Education dispels Illiteracy.

Question: 2

Canvas : Painter

(A) Marble : Sculptor

(B) Chisel : Wood

(C) Leather : Shoe

(D) Brush : Palette

Ans: A

Painter works on Canvas. Likewise Sculptor works on Marble.

Question: 3

Fan : Air

(A) Clouds : Rain

(B) Food : Hunger

(C) Bed : Sleep

(D) Parents : Bring up

Ans: A

Fan produces Air and Clouds produces Rain.

Question: 4

Round : Earth

(A) Cube : Dice

(B) Transparent : Glass

(C) Height : Mountain

(D) Thin : Paper

Ans: A

Shape of Earth is Round. Likewise shape of Dice is Cube.

Question: 5

Driver : Driving

(A) Carpenter : Wood

(B) Psychologist : Teaching

(C) Garden : Plants

(D) Counsellor : Counselling

Ans: D

Driver is meant for Driving. Likewise Counsellor is meant for Counselling.

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