1000+ Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Brain : Kidney

(A) Book : Page

(B) Cotton : Thread

(C) Room : Kitchen

(D) Ocean : River

Ans: C

Both are the subsets. Brain and Kidney are parts of Human body and Room and Kitchen are parts of house.

Question: 2

College : Student

(A) Jail : Criminal

(B) State : Country

(C) Greece : Rome

(D) Man : Home

Ans: A

College is the place for Students and Jail is the place for Criminal.

Question: 3

Hockey : Game

(A) Book : Read

(B) Latin : Language

(C) Constitution : Assembly

(D) King : Rule

Ans: B

Hockey is the Game and Latin is a Language.

Question: 4

Elevated : Exalted

(A) Dirty : Filthy

(B) Disorderly : Unfaithful

(C) Promoted : Excellence

(D) Raise : Commensurate

Ans: A

Elevated means Exalted. Similarly Dirty is synonym to Filthy.

Question: 5

Summer : Raining

(A) Summer : Winter

(B) December : January

(C) Licence : Driving

(D) Monday : Sunday

Ans: B

Raining follows Summer season. In the same way January follows December.

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