Computer Quiz for Kids or Beginners - 1

Question: 1

Which keys help us to move around the worksheet?

(A) Tab & Home

(B) Pageup & Tab

(C) Tab, Home, Pageup and Pagedown

(D) Home & Pagedown

Ans: C

Tab, Home, Pageup and Pagedown

Question: 2

The icon used for presenting data in the worksheet in form of charts is

(A) Insert OLE Object icon

(B) Insert from Image Editor icon

(C) Insert Format icon

(D) Insert Chart icon

Ans: D

Insert Chart icon

Question: 3

Which option is used to print all sheets in the documents?

(A) Page View

(B) Print → Print range → All

(C) Format

(D) Print

Ans: B

Print → Print range → All

Question: 4

The option under the File menu used to print the worksheet is

(A) Page View

(B) Print Range

(C) Print Preview

(D) Print

Ans: D


Question: 5

The command New → Spreadsheet is used to

(A) Open New Worksheet

(B) Close New Document

(C) Open New Document

(D) Close New Worksheet

Ans: A

Open New Worksheet

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