C++ Classes Quiz - 1

Question: 1

A class belongs to which of the following data types?

(A) Array Type

(B) Derived Type

(C) Built-in Type

(D) User Defined Type

Ans: D

User Defined Type

Question: 2

Every class declaration is terminated by ____

(A) ,(comma)

(B) .(dot)

(C) ; (semi colon)

(D) :: (double colon)

Ans: C

; (semi colon)

Question: 3

A member function calling another function directly is called as ____

(A) Nesting functions

(B) Recursive functions

(C) Inline functions

(D) Friend functions

Ans: A

Nesting functions

Question: 4

Class access specifiers are also known as ____

(A) Specifications

(B) Class depth

(C) Visibility labels

(D) None of these

Ans: C

Visibility labels

Question: 5

____ are the functions that perform specific task in a class.

(A) Data functions

(B) Concrete functions

(C) Member functions

(D) Data members

Ans: C

Member functions

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