Top 10,000+ Computer MCQs - 1

Question: 1

Which among the following accomplish legal and historical record-keeping and gathers information for the planning and control of business operations.

(A) Accounting information systems

(B) Online accounting system

(C) Order processing

(D) Online HRM systems

Ans: A

Accounting information systems

Question: 2

Provide ad hoc, interactive for decision making. The best fit will be

(A) Decision support systems

(B) Management information system

(C) Management support systems

(D) Enterprise collaboration systems

Ans: A

Decision support systems

Question: 3

A company’s use of the internet, intranets, and extranets must be developed, administered, and maintained. The best file will be

(A) Telecommunications network management

(B) System performance monitor

(C) Out sourcing IS operations

(D) Technology management

Ans: A

Telecommunications network management

Question: 4

Includes acquisition testing, training and conversion to a new system

(A) Software

(B) Hardware

(C) Implementation process

(D) Computer industry

Ans: C

Implementation process

Question: 5

Strategic is planning should develop a blueprint for information technology in a company that specifies a technology platform applications portfolio, data resources, and IT organization structure is

(A) Application

(B) Information technology architecture

(C) Business systems planning

(D) Critical success factors

Ans: B

Information technology architecture

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