Computer General Knowledge Quiz - 1

Question: 1

Palmtop computer is also known as

(A) Personal computer

(B) Handled computer

(C) Notebook computer

(D) Tablet PC

Ans: B

Handled computer

Question: 2

All computers must have

(A) A virus checking program

(B) An attached printer

(C) An operating system

(D) A word processing software

Ans: C

An operating system

Question: 3

The first computers were programmed using

(A) Assembly language

(B) Machine language

(C) Source code

(D) Spaghetti code

Ans: B

Machine language

Question: 4

A portable, personal computer, small enough to fit on your lap, is called a ____

(A) Super computer

(B) Notebook computer

(C) Handheld computer

(D) Mainframe computer

Ans: B

Notebook computer

Question: 5

Computers gather data, which means they allow users to _____ data.

(A) Input

(B) Output

(C) Present

(D) Store

Ans: A


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