Tally Quiz Online Test - 1

Question: 1

Income Tax number of the Company will appear in which report?

(A) Payment voucher

(B) Reminder Letter

(C) Profit and Loss A/c

(D) Cash/Bank Book

Ans: A

Payment voucher

Question: 2

Input Vat Credit on Capital goods should be defined under

(A) Duties & Taxes

(B) Misc. Expenses ( Assets)

(C) Current Liabilities

(D) Capital Account

Ans: A

Duties & Taxes

Question: 3

Payroll Auto fill is done through

(A) Alt + A

(B) Alt + B

(C) Ctrl + A

(D) Ctrl + B

Ans: A

Alt + A

Question: 4

List of Optional Voucher we can get from

(A) Accounts Books

(B) Balance sheet

(C) Cash Bank Books

(D) Exceptional Reports

Ans: D

Exceptional Reports

Question: 5

We can see Working Capital figure changing

(A) Voucher configuration

(B) Ledger configuration

(C) Balance Sheet configuration

(D) Profit & Loss configuration

Ans: C

Balance Sheet configuration

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