100+ Computer Awareness Notes for Competitive exams - 1

Question: 1

Extranets can facilitate and strengthen the collaboration between a company and its business partners are

(A) Applications of extranet

(B) Business value of extranets

(C) Business value of intranets

(D) Calendaring and scheduling

Ans: B

Business value of extranets

Question: 2

Global telecommunications networks like the internet more data across the national boundaries is example of

(A) Transborder data flows

(B) Systems development

(C) System flows

(D) All of these

Ans: A

Transborder data flows

Question: 3

Include management information, decision support, and executive information systems. The best fit will be

(A) Decision support systems

(B) Management information system

(C) Management support systems

(D) Enterprise collaboration systems

Ans: C

Management support systems

Question: 4

Analyzing the effect of changing variables and relationship and manipulating a mathematical model. The best fit will be

(A) Sensitivity analysis

(B) Goal-seeking analysis

(C) What if analysis

(D) Analyzing modeling

Ans: D

Analyzing modeling

Question: 5

Managers can receive reports periodically, on an exception basis, or on demand. The best fit will be

(A) Reporting alternatives

(B) Decision support systems

(C) Decision support versus management reporting

(D) Model base

Ans: A

Reporting alternatives

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