Basic Java MCQ Quiz Questions - 1

Question: 1

Java is a general purpose object oriented programming language developed by

(A) Patrick Naughton

(B) Infosys

(C) I.B.M.

(D) Microsystems of USA

Ans: D

Microsystems of USA

Question: 2

Which one of the following web browsers uses Just-In-Time (JIT) complier?

(A) Hot JAVA

(B) Netscape navigator

(C) Internet Explorer

(D) None of these


Internet Explorer

Question: 3

?: is: a/an

(A) Assignment operator

(B) Conditional operator

(C) Logical AND

(D) Inequality

Ans: B

Conditional operator

Question: 4

Which one of the following is a java keyword?

(A) Public

(B) Void

(C) While

(D) Switch

Ans: A


Question: 5

Which one of the following concept is incorporated in building a java program?

(A) Polymorphism

(B) Inheritance

(C) Encapsulation

(D) All of these

Ans: D

All of these

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