MS Excel Questions & Answers for Bank Exams 2020-2021 - 1

Question: 1

A ____ is rectangular grid of rows and columns used to enter data.

(A) Cell

(B) Spreadsheet

(C) Worksheet

(D) Workspace

Ans: B


Question: 2

How many rows are there in old version of MS Excel?

(A) 65536

(B) 65535

(C) 65534

(D) 65533

Ans: A


Question: 3

____ was the first spreadsheet on a microcomputer.

(A) VisiCalc

(B) Excel

(C) Lotus 1-2-3

(D) StarCalc

Ans: A


Question: 4

Press ____ to close the window of MS Excel.

(A) Esc

(B) Ctrl + Alt + C

(C) Alt + F4

(D) Ctrl + W

Ans: C

Alt + F4

Question: 5

Which Excel feature enables predefined layouts to selected tables in the worksheet?

(A) Autograph

(B) Autoformat

(C) Header and Footer

(D) Spelling and Grammar

Ans: B


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