MS Office Online Test | Questions & Answers Pdf for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

Line spacing is in the ____ of MS Word.

(A) Format tab

(B) View tab

(C) Insert tab

(D) Home tab

Ans: D

Home tab

Question: 2

____  button reduces the window to an icon but word still remains active.

(A) Close

(B) Restore

(C) Maximize

(D) Minimize

Ans: D


Question: 3

Which term is not related with font?

(A) Font grammar

(B) Font color

(C) Font size

(D) Font face

Ans: A

Font grammar

Question: 4

____ Button brings word window to the maximum original size.

(A) Scroll

(B) Close

(C) Restore

(D) Minimize

Ans: C


Question: 5

What is the smallest width of a column?

(A) 0"

(B) 1"

(C) 0.5"

(D) 1.5"

Ans: C


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