Multimedia Quiz Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

JPEG may be expanded as

(A) Joint photographic Exports Group

(B) Joint Physical Experts Group

(C) Joint Physical Exports Group

(D) Joint Photographic Experts Group

Ans: D

Joint Photographic Experts Group

Question: 2

The expansion for MIDI is

(A) Musical Instrument Digital Interface

(B) Musical Instrument Data Interface

(C) Musical Instructions Digital Interface

(D) Musical Information Data Interface

Ans: A

Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question: 3

CBT stands for

(A) Computer Binary Tools

(B) Computer Based Techniques

(C) Computer Based Tools

(D) Computer Based Tutorials

Ans: D

Computer Based Tutorials

Question: 4

_____ is an application that allows you to send and receive messages over cell phones.

(A) Animated service

(B) Message service


(D) Multimedia

Ans: C


Question: 5

AIFF format was developed by

(A) Apple

(B) Real Networks

(C) Microsoft


Ans: A


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