Important Computer Abbreviations for Bank Exams - 1

Abbreviation Stands For
ESI Enterprise Services Inventory (SAP)
ESOA Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SAP)
ESR Enterprise Services Repository (SAP)
ESS Employee Self Service (generic and SAP)
FDA Food and Drug Administration (US)
GRC Governance Risk and Compliance (generic and SAP)
HA High Availability
HCM Human Capital Management (SAP ERP module)
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (US)
IAC Internet Application Component (SAP)
IASA International Association of Software Architects
IC Interaction Center (SAP)
iDOC Intermediate Document(SAP)
iFrame Information Frame (SAP)
IM Investment Management (SAP ERP module)
IPC Internet Pricing Configuration (SAP)
ISV Independent Software Vendor
iView Information View
KW Knowledge Warehouse (SAP component)
LO Logistics (SAP ERP module)
LOB Line of Business
LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench (SAP)
MDM Master Data Management (SAP component)
MDMP Multiple Display/Multiple Processing (SAP)
MI Mobile Infrastructure (SAP)
MOSS Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
MTBF Mean Time between Failure
NAS Network Attached Storage
NWDS NetWeaver Developer Studio (Java version for SAP)
OSS Online Service System (SAP)
PCI Payment Card Industry
PAYG Pay as You GO
PDK Platform Development Kit
PM Plant Maintenance (SAP ERP module)
PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge
QM Quality Management (SAP ERP module)
R/2 Release 2 (SAP IBM Mainframe OLTP Product)
R/3 Release 3 (SAP Client/Server OLTP Product)
RFC Remote Function Call

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