Sap Abbreviations and Acronyms Pdf Latest, Free Download - 1

Abbreviation Acronyms
BEx Business Explorer (SAP BW user interface)
BOBJ Business Objects (SAP)
BDC Business Data Connector (Microsoft)
BSP Business Server Page(SAP)
BW Business Warehouse (SAP)
C/S Client/Server (three tiered architecture)
CA Cross Application (SAP products atop modules)
CAF Composite Application Framework (SAP NetWeaver)
CCMS Computing Center Management System (SAP)
CE Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver)
CEN CENtral monitoring system (SAP)
CATS Cross Application Time Sheet (SAP)
CUA Central User Administration (SAP)
CTO Change and Transport Organizers (SAP)
CRM Custom Relationship Management (SAP component)
CRC Content Repository Content (SAP)
CPIC Common Programming Interface Communication (SAP)
CoE Center of Excellence (or Expertise)
CO Controlling (SAP ERP module)
CI Central Instance (SAP)
DEV Development (SAP system landscape)
DIA DIAlog (SAP work process)
EA Enterprise Architecture
EAF CEnterprise Architecture Framework (SAP)
eCATT Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (SAP)
ECC ERP Central Component (SAP component)
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
ESA Enterprise Services Architecture (SAP)
ESC Enterprise Services Community (SAP)

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