Top 10,000+ Computer Quiz for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

Marquees tag works only with

(A) Any Browser

(B) Internet Explorer

(C) WIN 98

(D) Netscape Navigator

Ans: B

Internet Explorer

Question: 2

<H1> tag is used to display headings in

(A) First level

(B) Second level

(C) Third level

(D) Small level

Ans: A

First level

Question: 3

Which tag can be used to add images to a document?


(B) <IMG >

(C) <HR >

(D) <BR >

Ans: B

<IMG >

Question: 4

<SELECT> and </SELECT> tags used to create

(A) Password controls

(B) Radio buttons

(C) Check boxes

(D) List boxes

Ans: D

List boxes

Question: 5

_____ are enclosed with the <DL> and the </DL> tags.

(A) Definition lists

(B) Ordered lists

(C) Unordered lists

(D) Bullet numbers

Ans: A

Definition lists

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