100+ Software Testing Multiple Choice Questions Answers - 1

Question: 1

The acronym of CASE is

(A) Computer Aided Structured Engineering

(B) Continuously Aimed Software Engineering

(C) Computer Aided Software Engineering

(D) None of the above

Ans: C

Computer Aided Software Engineering

Question: 2

What is the most suitable architecture to develop a web based system?

(A) Client Server Model

(B) Distributed System Model

(C) Island Model

(D) Repository Model

Ans: A

Client Server Model

Question: 3

The visual interface developed by Xerox was modeled on a

(A) Desktop

(B) File cabinet

(C) Tree

(D) None of these

Ans: A


Question: 4

The advantage of better testing in software development is in

(A) Iterative

(B) Prototyping

(C) Waterfall model

(D) All of these

Ans: A


Question: 5

Which of the following is not true?

(A) Stamp coupling is preferred over functional coupling

(B) Logical cohesion in a module is desirable

(C) Content coupling in a module is desirable

(D) All of these

Ans: D

All of these

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