Spreadsheet Quiz Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The files that are created with Spreadsheet software are called

(A) Package

(B) Program

(C) Worksheet

(D) Spreadsheet

Ans: C


Question: 2

Which is used to calculate and analyze a set of numbers?

(A) Improve

(B) StarCalc

(C) Spreadsheet

(D) Database

Ans: C


Question: 3

A Spreadsheet, sometimes is called as

(A) Cells

(B) Worksheet

(C) Menus

(D) Notebook pages

Ans: B


Question: 4

Which bars have shortcut icons for frequently done tasks in the Spreadsheet?

(A) Main Tool bar

(B) Object bar

(C) Formula bar

(D) Menu bar

Ans: B

Object bar

Question: 5

The Spreadsheet VisiCalc contains

(A) 63 columns and 254 rows

(B) 256 rows and 256 columns

(C) 10000 rows and 256 columns

(D) 36000 rows and 256 columns

Ans: A

63 columns and 254 rows

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