Computer Awareness Solved Question Papers with Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which is the formal description of message formats and rules to be followed by computers?

(A) Standards

(B) Protocol

(C) Syntax

(D) Language

Ans: B


Question: 2

Which term is used to refer to the computers that are used for storing web pages as files?

(A) Internet

(B) Web clients

(C) Web servers

(D) World Wide Web

Ans: B

Web clients

Question: 3

What is the abbreviation of HTML?

(A) Hyper Tag Markup Language

(B) Hyper Text Markup Language

(C) Hyper Text Main Language

(D) Hyper Tag Main Language

Ans: B

Hyper Text Markup Language

Question: 4

The CELLSPACING attribute is used to ___

(A) Specify the colour of the border

(B) Specify the thickness of the border

(C) Specify the space between cells

(D) Specify the space between text and border

Ans: C

Specify the space between cells

Question: 5

Interactive documents that can be created using a feature of HTML are called ____

(A) Tables

(B) Forms

(C) Files

(D) Frames

Ans: B


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