Internet and Web Technology MCQS with Answers - 1

Question: 1

Using _____ sound can be added with the help of Ms Frontpage express.

(A) Insert → Images

(B) File → Images

(C) Insert → Sound

(D) Edit → Second

Ans: C

Insert → Sound

Question: 2

Which tags are used to display text with underlining?

(A) <B> and </B>

(B) <U> and </U>

(C) <I> and </I>

(D) <p> and </P>

Ans: B

<U> and </U>

Question: 3

Tags consists of keywords enclosed within

(A) Paranthesis ()

(B) Square brackets []

(C) Flower brackets {}

(D) Angled brackets <>

Ans: D

Angled brackets <>

Question: 4

Which tags are used to identify the heading section?

(A) </head> and <head>

(B) <head> and </head>

(C) <title> and </title>

(D) A or B

Ans: B

<head> and </head>

Question: 5

Which tags are used to represent comments in HTML?

(A) <comment > and </comment >

(B) <! –comment -- >

(C) <*comment* >

(D) None of these

Ans: B

<! –comment -- >

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