1000+ Applied Mechanics & Design Questions for Gate Exams - 1

Question: 1

On a ladder resting on a rough ground and leaning against a smooth vertical wall, the force of friction acts

(A) zero at its upper end

(B) upwards at its upper end

(C) perpendicular to the wall at its upper end

(D) downwards at its upper end

Ans: A

zero at its upper end

Question: 2

One half of a vibration of a body, is called

(A) amplitude

(B) beat

(C) oscillation

(D) periodic time

Ans: B


Question: 3

The acceleration of a particle moving along the circumference of a circle with a uniform speed, is directed

(A) tangentially at that point

(B) away from the centre

(C) towards the centre

(D) radially

Ans: A

tangentially at that point

Question: 4

A satellite moves in its orbit around the earth due to

(A) centripetal force

(B) centrifugal force

(C) gravitational force

(D) none of these

Ans: A

centripetal force

Question: 5

A stone is whirled in a vertical circle, the tension in the string is maximum

(A) when the string is horizontal

(B) when the stone is at the lowest position

(C) when the stone is at the highest position

(D) at all the positions

Ans: B

when the stone is at the lowest position

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