1000+ Automation Systems and Graphics Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The computer graphics system called SKETCHPAD was demonstrated at

(A) Cranfield Institute of Technology, London 1962

(B) University of Aston, Birmingham, 1960

(C) Imperial college of Science and Technology, London, 1973

(D) Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1963

Ans: D

Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1963

Question: 2

The user communicates directly with the computer through its peripheral devices is known as

(A) intelligent terminal processing

(B) batch mode processing

(C) remote terminal processing

(D) online processing

Ans: D

online processing

Question: 3

Software is

(A) a programming language

(B) tape input

(C) a set of instructions

(D) printer output

Ans: C

a set of instructions

Question: 4

The APT (automatically programmed tools)

(A) numerical controlled machines

(B) large automation systems

(C) programmable controllers

(D) drafting systems

Ans: A

numerical controlled machines

Question: 5

Which CAD display configurability allows work without any host support?

(A) one with no secondary storage capacity

(B) low intelligence

(C) medium intelligent

(D) highly intelligent

Ans: D

highly intelligent

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