100+ Bridge Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The floor provided between masonry walls below the river bed is known as

(A) Bed block

(B) Kerb

(C) Wing wall

(D) Curtain wall

Ans: D

Curtain wall

Question: 2

Slab bridges are used to maximum span of

(A) 2 m

(B) 6 m

(C) 9 m

(D) 12 m

Ans: C

9 m

Question: 3

The most suitable foundation for a culvert is

(A) Caisson foundation

(B) Well foundation

(C) Pile foundation

(D) Spread foundation

Ans: D

Spread foundation

Question: 4

The bridge having its floor flush with bed of stream is known as

(A) Minor bridge

(B) Viaduct

(C) Culvert

(D) Causeway

Ans: D


Question: 5

For a major bridge usually the type of foundation is

(A) Grillage foundation

(B) Well foundation

(C) Caisson foundation

(D) Grillage foundation

Ans: B

Well foundation

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