1000+ CAD/CAM MCQ Questions with Answers for Mechanical Engineering - 1

Question: 1

Computer used in CAD/CAM are

(A) super computers

(B) simple computers

(C) analog computers

(D) digital computers

Ans: D

digital computers

Question: 2

CAD/CAM is the inter-relationship between

(A) engineering and manufacturing

(B) engineering and marketing

(C) manufacturing and marketing

(D) marketing and design

Ans: A

engineering and manufacturing

Question: 3

Which CAD display configurability allows work without any host support?

(A) one with no secondary storage capacity

(B) low intelligence

(C) highly intelligent

(D) medium intelligence

Ans: C

highly intelligent

Question: 4

The integration of CAD and CAM is called

(A) Computer Aided Design

(B) Computer Aided Engineering


(D) Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Ans: D

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Question: 5

Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?

(A) Dot matrix printers

(B) Laser printers

(C) Inkjet printers

(D) Plotters

Ans: D


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