1000+ Chemical Engineering interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The main ore of thorium is

(A) galena

(B) limonite

(C) monazite sand

(D) pitchblende

Ans: C

monazite sand

Question: 2

In PERT analysis, a critical activity has

(A) maximum cost

(B) minimum cost

(C) maximum float

(D) zero float

Ans: B

minimum cost

Question: 3

A shell and tube heat exchanger is most suitable, if a

(A) gas is heating another gas

(B) liquid is heating a gas

(C) gas is heating a liquid

(D) liquid is heating another liquid

Ans: D

liquid is heating another liquid

Question: 4

Primary designation of steel is based on its

(A) alloying elements content

(B) carbon content

(C) hardness and tensile strength

(D) iron content

Ans: A

alloying elements content

Question: 5

Which of the following metals reacts violently with water?

(A) calcium

(B) magnesium

(C) sodium

(D) mercury

Ans: A


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