1000+ Chemical Engineering Mass Transfer MCQ Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Dew point of a gas vapour mixture

(A) increases with increase in pressure

(B) decreases with decrease in pressure

(C) increases with temperature rise

(D) decreases with temperature rise

Ans: B

decreases with decrease in pressure

Question: 2

A wet solid over a long period of time by unsaturated air of nonzero constant relative humidity. The moisture content eventually attained by the solid is termed as the

(A) equilibrium moisture content

(B) free moisture content

(C) bound moisture content

(D) unbound moisture content

Ans: A

equilibrium moisture content

Question: 3

Humidification involves mass transfer between a pure liquid phase and a fixed gas, which is

(A) at a fixed temperature

(B) non ideal in nature

(C) soluble in the liquid

(D) insoluble in the liquid

Ans: D

insoluble in the liquid

Question: 4

Reverse osmosis is also called

(A) ultrafiltration

(B) diffusion

(C) electrodialysis

(D) dialysis

Ans: A


Question: 5

Steady state equimolal counter diffusion occurs in case of

(A) liquid-liquid extraction

(B) binary phase distillation

(C) absorption

(D) leaching

Ans: B

binary phase distillation

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