1000+ Building Construction MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Maximum bearing capacity of soil is that of

(A) Fine sand

(B) Sand clay mixture

(C) Soft rock

(D) Coarse sand

Ans: C

Soft rock

Question: 2

Sand blasting is the process of

(A) Dressing stones

(B) Making carvings on the surface of stone

(C) Quarrying of igneous rock

(D) Quarrying of sedimentary rock

Ans: B

Making carvings on the surface of stone

Question: 3

Fire resistance is highest in case of

(A) Brick masonry

(B) Timber structure

(C) Stone masonry

(D) R.C.C. works

Ans: A

Brick masonry

Question: 4

The inclined surface on the abutment which acts as a seat for the arch is known as

(A) Skew back

(B) Springing

(C) Key

(D) Haunch

Ans: A

Skew back

Question: 5

Which one of the following is not a type of flat roof

(A) Madras terrace roof

(B) Rajasthan terrace roof

(C) Maharashtra and M.P. terrace roofs

(D) Punjab terrace roof

Ans: B

Rajasthan terrace roof

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