1000+ Civil Engineering Steel Structures MCQ Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The successful introduction of _____ bolts resulted into replacement of rivets.


(B) Turned

(C) Black

(D) All of the above

Ans: A

HSFG bolts

Question: 2

In roof trusses bracings should be provided at top chord level in the

(A) last but one end panel using angles

(B) last but one panel using flats

(C) end panels using angles

(D) end panels using flats

Ans: C

end panels using angles

Question: 3

Minimum edge distance specified by the code should be maintained to avoid

(A) rupture of plate

(B) crushing of plate

(C) shearing of plate

(D) both b and c

Ans: D

Both b and c

Question: 4

Rolled steel tubes are referred by their

(A) average diameter

(B) outer radius

(C) inner diameters

(D) outer diameters

Ans: C

inner diameters

Question: 5

For connecting circular tubes in tension, the best connection is by

(A) using HSFG bolts

(B) welding

(C) riveting

(D) bolting

Ans: B


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