1000+ Civil Engineering Design of Masonry Structures MCQ Questions - 1

Question: 1

Minimum length of stiffening wall shall be

(A) height/2

(B) height/3

(C) height/4

(D) height/5

Ans: D


Question: 2

The timber floor not spanning on the masonry wall but properly anchored to the wall gives

(A) neither lateral nor rotational restraints

(B) lateral restraint but not rotational restraint

(C) rotational restraint but not lateral restraint

(D) both lateral and rotational restraints

Ans: B

lateral restraint but not rotational restraint

Question: 3

If H is the height of wall between centres of supports, then the effective height of wall where concrete floors have a bearing on wall irrespective of the direction of span will be

(A) 0.25 H

(B) 0.75 H

(C) 1.0 H

(D) 1.5 H

Ans: B

0.75 H

Question: 4

Direct load carrying capacity of a brick masonry wall standing freely as against when it supports RC slab will be

(A) 100%

(B) more

(C) less

(D) the same in both the cases

Ans: C


Question: 5

For masonry built in 1: 1 : 6 cement-lime-sand mix mortar or equivalent, the horizontal shear stress permissible on the area of a mortar bed joint is

(A) 0.075 MPa

(B) 0.125 MPa

(C) 0.1 Mpa

(D) 0.15 MPa

Ans: D

0.15 MPa

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