1000+ Railway Engineering Objective Type Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

The first train in India was run between

(A) Mumbai to Ahmedabad

(B) Mumbai to Thana

(C) Chennai to Vijaywada

(D) Delhi to Kolkata

Ans: B

Mumbai to Thana

Question: 2

Rail joint supported on a single sleeper, is known as

(A) bridge rail joint

(B) supported rail joint

(C) square rail joint

(D) suspended rail joint

Ans: B

supported rail joint

Question: 3

Which one of the following is not a type of crossing used in railways?

(A) square crossing

(B) spring crossing

(C) ramped crossing

(D) rectangular crossing

Ans: D

rectangular crossing

Question: 4

The height of platform above the rails in narrow gauge station should be

(A) 0.23 m to 0.41 m

(B) 0.31 m to 0.41 m

(C) 0.51 m to 0.60 m

(D) 0.76 m to 0.84 m

Ans: A

0.23 m to 0.41 m

Question: 5

Cotters are used to fix

(A) fish plates

(B) tie bars to cast iron sleepers

(C) bearing plate to sleeper

(D) rail to sleeper

Ans: B

tie bars to cast iron sleepers

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