1000+ Civil Engineering Surveying Objective Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Surveys which are carried out to provide a national grid of control for preparation of accurate maps of large areas, are known as

(A) topographical surveys

(B) geographical surveys

(C) geodetic surveys

(D) plane surveys

Ans: C

geodetic surveys

Question: 2

Chain surveying is well adopted for

(A) large areas with difficult details

(B) large areas with simple details

(C) small areas with crowded details

(D) small areas in open ground

Ans: D

small areas in open ground

Question: 3

The minor instrument used not only to take horizontal sights but also inclined sights are known as

(A) planimeter

(B) pantograph

(C) sextant

(D) clinometers

Ans: D


Question: 4

The process of turning the telescope through 180° in vertical plane is known as

(A) reversing

(B) transiting

(C) plunging

(D) any one of the above

Ans: B


Question: 5

In India mean sea level used for fixing reduced levels is at

(A) Vishakapatnam

(B) Karachi

(C) Mumbai

(D) Goa

Ans: B


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