1000+ DC Motor Objective Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

In D.C. motor which of the following can sustain the maximum temperature rise?

(A) armature winding

(B) field winding

(C) commutator

(D) slip rings

Ans: B

field winding

Question: 2

Following motor is used where high starting torque and wide speed range control is required

(A) D.C. motor

(B) synchronous motor

(C) induction motor

(D) single phase capacitor start

Ans: A

D.C. motor

Question: 3

The retardation test is applicable to shunt motors and generators and is used to find

(A) the eddy current losses

(B) the friction losses

(C) the stray losses

(D) the copper loss

Ans: C

the stray losses

Question: 4

When the electric train is moving down a hill the D.C. motor act as

(A) D.C. series motor

(B) D.C. shunt motor

(C) D.C. shunt generator

(D) D.C. series generator

Ans: D

D.C. series generator

Question: 5

D.C. generators are installed near the load centres to reduce

(A) sparking

(B) corona losses

(C) line losses

(D) iron losses

Ans: C

line losses

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