Electrical Engineering Power Plant Engineering MCQ Questions Pdf - 2

Question: 6

The ratio of brake power to indicated power of an I.C. engine is called

(A) relative efficiency

(B) volumetric efficiency

(C) thermal efficiency

(D) mechanical efficiency

Ans: D

mechanical efficiency

Question: 7

The torque developed by the engine is maximum

(A) at maximum power speed of engine

(B) at maximum volumetric efficiency speed of engine

(C) at maximum speed of engine

(D) at minimum speed of engine

Ans: B

at maximum volumetric efficiency speed of engine

Question: 8

Materials which are employed for electrodes in thermoelectric generators are of

(A) conductors

(B) metals

(C) semi-conductors

(D) insulators

Ans: C


Question: 9

The commonly used material of condenser tubes is

(A) mild steel

(B) admiralty brass

(C) cast iron

(D) aluminium

Ans: B

admiralty brass

Question: 10

In India largest thermal power station is located at

(A) Neyveli

(B) Chandrapur

(C) Sarni

(D) Kota

Ans: B


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