1000+ Basic Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Cast irons are generally specified by

(A) tensile strength

(B) carbon percentage

(C) hardness

(D) iron percentage

Ans: A

tensile strength

Question: 2

The limiting load beyond which the material no longer behaves elastically is known as

(A) breaking load

(B) elastic limit

(C) limiting load

(D) load bearing capacity

Ans: B

elastic limit

Question: 3

The amount of cold work that a metal will stand is dependent upon

(A) purity of metal

(B) process

(C) room temperature

(D) carbon percentage

Ans: A

purity of metal

Question: 4

Steel may be manufactured by

(A) duplex process

(B) cementation process

(C) open hearth process

(D) bessemer process

Ans: C

open hearth process

Question: 5

Which of the following material has lowest specific gravity?

(A) aluminium

(B) brass

(C) copper

(D) high carbon steel

Ans: A


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