1000+ Engineering Mechanics MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The law stating that the algebraic sum of moments of a system of coplanar forces about a moment centre is equal to the moment of their resultant force about the same moment centre is known as

(A) D' Alembert principle

(B) Lami's theorem

(C) Law of transmissibility of forces

(D) Varignon's theorem

Ans: D

Varignon's theorem

Question: 2

The angle of inclined plane with the horizontal when a body placed on it is on the verge of sliding down is known as

(A) Angle of repose

(B) Angle of friction

(C) Cone of friction

(D) Coefficient of friction

Ans: B

Angle of friction

Question: 3

A body is said to have plane motion when

(A) It possesses translation as well as rotation

(B) It rotates around a point

(C) It moves in a curved path on a plane surface

(D) It moves in a straight line on a plane surface

Ans: A

It possesses translation as well as rotation

Question: 4

The system of forces acting on a moving body is in a dynamic equilibrium with the inertia force of the body. This low is known as

(A) Impulse momentum theorem

(B) Lami;s theorem

(C) Work energy principle

(D) D' Alembert’s principle

Ans: D

D' Alembert’s principle

Question: 5

A motion in which acceleration of the body is directly proportional to its displacement and directed toward the origin is called

(A) Simple harmonic motion

(B) Circular motion

(C) Curvilinear motion

(D) Angular motion

Ans: A

Simple harmonic motion

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