1000+ Chemical Engineering Plant Economics MCQ Questions Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

In which of the electric power generation system, the operating cost is minimum?

(A) fast breeder reactor

(B) hydroelectric

(C) nuclear

(D) thermal

Ans: B


Question: 2

Gantt chart (or Bar chart) is helpful in

(A) inventory control

(B) efficient dispatching of products

(C) preparing production schedule

(D) efficient utilisation of manpower and machines

Ans: C

preparing production schedule

Question: 3

Sensitivity analysis is carried out for risk assessment. Which of the following is a macro factor for sensitivity analysis?

(A) change in tax rates

(B) changes of firms of finance

(C) change in capital structure

(D) change in project duration

Ans: A

change in tax rates

Question: 4

Costs associated with the design, planning, installation and commissioning of a project are

(A) salvage value

(B) variable costs

(C) capital costs

(D) project costs

Ans: C

capital costs

Question: 5

Effective and nominal interest rates are equal, when the interest is compounded

(A) monthly

(B) annually

(C) half yearly

(D) fortnightly

Ans: B


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