1000+ Environmental Engineering Objective Type Questions & Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Winter rainfall in Tamil Nadu is mainly due to

(A) orographic precipitation

(B) precipitation due to turbulent ascent

(C) cyclonic precipitation

(D) convective precipitation

Ans: B

precipitation due to turbulent ascent

Question: 2

Depletion of ozone layer in the outer atmosphere may causes

(A) heart disorder

(B) bronchitis

(C) skin cancer

(D) lung cancer

Ans: C

skin cancer

Question: 3

In sewers the effect of scouring is more on

(A) horizontal side

(B) top side

(C) bottom side

(D) all sides

Ans; C

bottom side

Question: 4

A commonly used handpump is

(A) axial flow pump

(B) centrifugal pump

(C) rotary pump

(D) reciprocating pump

Ans: D

reciprocating pump

Question: 5

Turbidity is measured on

(A) platinum cobalt scale

(B) standard platinum scale

(C) standard cobalt scale

(D) standard silica scale

Ans: D

standard silica scale

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