1000+ Graph Theory MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

A graph is a tree if and only if it

(A) is completely connected

(B) is planar

(C) contains a act

(D) is minimally connected

Ans: D

is minimally connected

Question: 2


(A) is a connected graph

(B) with n nodes contains n – 1 edges

(C) is a bipartite graph

(D) all of these

Ans: D

all of these

Question: 3

The number of paths between any pair of nodes in a tree on n nodes is

(A) o

(B) 1

(C) (n – 1)

(D) n

Ans: B


Question: 4

A graph G with n nodes is bipartite if it contains

(A) n2 edges

(B) n edges

(C) a cycle of odd length

(D) no cycle of odd length

Ans: D

no cycle of odd length

Question: 5

A tree with n nodes has

(A) $${n}/{2}$$ edges

(B) n edges

(C) n – 1 edges

(D) n + 1 edges

Ans: C

n – 1 edges

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