1000+ Civil Engineering Docks & Harbour Engineering MCQ Questions Pdf - 1

Question: 1

1 knot is

(A) 1.252 kmph

(B) 1.522 kmph

(C) 1.742 kmph

(D) 1.852 kmph

Ans: D

1.852 kmph

Question: 2

Wharves are the platforms provided

(A) along shore

(B) along breakwaters

(C) perpendicular to shore

(D) both a and b

Ans; D

both a and b

Question: 3

When a ship floats at its designed water line, the vertical distance from water line to the bottom of the ship is known as

(A) draft

(B) freeboard

(C) beam

(D) depth

Ans: A


Question: 4

The difference in height between highest high water and lowest low water is called

(A) mean rise

(B) mean range

(C) maximum range

(D) maximum rise

Ans: C

maximum range

Question: 5

The space of water between two adjacent piers where ships are berthed is known as

(A) fender

(B) jetty

(C) slip

(D) locked basin

Ans: C


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