1000+ Heat Transfer Question Bank with Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The catalyst in a first order chemical reaction changes the

(A) heat of reaction

(B) heat of formation of the product

(C) equilibrium constant

(D) activation energy

Ans: D

activation energy

Question: 2

For a reversible exothermic reaction, with increase in temperature

(A) equilibrium conversion decreases

(B) rate of reaction decreases

(C) equilibrium conversion increases

(D) rate of reaction increases

Ans: B

rate of reaction decreases

Question: 3

Photo chemical reactions occur in presence of

(A) monochromatic radiation only

(B) solid catalysts

(C) darkness

(D) sunlight

Ans: D


Question: 4

A reactor is generally termed as an autoclave, when it is a

(A) atmospheric pressure CSTR

(B) high pressure tubular reactor

(C) atmospheric pressure tank reactor

(D) high pressure batch reactor

Ans: D

high pressure batch reactor

Question: 5

Velocity of a reaction depends upon the

(A) concentration of the reactants

(B) temperature at which the reaction is carried

(C) nature of the reactants

(D) all a, b and c

Ans: D

all a, b and c

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